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Used Stolen Car Smashing taxi, killing a British tourist Australia British tourist Dr Sean Barrett, 36, and his taxi driver Kuldeep Singh, 28, were killed in less than an hour after Barrett came to Australia. Scroll down for video. Salford scientist Sean Barrett, who was killed by a car accident less … Read more about Daily E appear Joomla! St. Lucia Police said Tourism died of suffocation An autopsy showed that a British man was attacked in his yacht docked in St. Lucia died of suffocation as a result of the beating , police said Tuesday. Authorities gave five suspects were in custody and will be charged later. they … Read more about ABC News appear Joomla! Harper is Israeli tourist hot spots Harper, fresh off his hero’s welcome by the Israeli worshipers at the Western Wall west, north to Black Hawk helicopter to take the glory and a popular tourist areas of the most picturesque in the country. later the helicopter landed … Read more about